Remote monitoring of your manhole covers

By Michel Asselin posted 02-08-2022 11:15

The device detects the opening of manhole covers thanks to its embedded accelerometer. Through its on-board intelligence, the product calibrates itself automatically to determine its reference position. If an inclinaison is detected, a real-time alert is immediately sent.


  • Ubiquity: remote management of all your equipment
  • Productivity: quick & easy installation. Reduction of costs due to theft.
  • Security: safety guarantee for equipment and people. Transmission on alert or periodic.


  1. You receive your device and accessories at home. The device is configurated by us and ready to use.
  2. Once your device is installed on its clip, it automatically learns its reference position and registers itself on the platform.
  3. An opening simulation is done. You receive a real-time alert «Manhole cover opened». A closing simulation is done. You receive a real-time alert «Manhole cover closed».
  4. Your device is ready for use!


  • EG-IoT 1A01 Device
    • Tilt change measurement
    • Alert on variation in tilt
    • Position of the alert
    • Automatic learning of the reference position (= Edge Computing)
  • ESKIOT Platform
    • Dashboard - Monitoring & management
    • Visualization of configurated alerts
    • Notifications system
    • Interactive Google Maps
    • Responsive design : PC, tablet, smartphone
    • Multi-user and multi-level use
  • Connectivity
    • Multi-operators
    • Commitment of 36 months
    • European coverage
  • Accessories
    • Anti-tearing clip
    • Unclipper

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