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ThingsHappen Episode 17: Managing and assuring the RF spectrum for IoT with AI

By Walter Knitl posted 05-17-2022 07:53


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IoT is extensively about wireless communication by connected devices riding on the RF (Radio Frequency) spectrum.  But will that be reliably and securely?  We air the critical role of the RF spectrum in IoT adoption and how we monitor it and make sure it's available and secure – especially as 5G, a "Massive IoT" enabler, adds to the spectrum management complexity.  We dive into the critical roles that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence play in analyzing and correcting real-time spectrum perturbations, threats, and disruptions.



Our guest is Cliff Ellement, head of AI Solutions at ThingkRF, bringing ThingkRF's new suite of Spectrum Monitoring Applications to market, including AI and Machine Learning-based Analytics products.  He has extensive  telecommunications experience in diverse areas, including carrier data and broadband systems, optical network management, enterprise unified communication, and collaboration products.  Cliff's technical foundation comes from his Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, focusing on wireless networks and electronic countermeasures.

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