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ThingsHappen Episode 21: Advancing Canadian Smart Agriculture through the Internet of Things

By Walter Knitl posted 07-05-2022 10:33


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Food – we need it and relish it. And agriculture is how we get it. But how do we ensure the quantity, high quality, and environmental sustainability we value? We discuss IoT’s underpinning of Smart Agriculture that answers these needs and values, including in animal, crop, and greenhouse operations. We delve into the types of systems and autonomous equipment employed, several use cases, and the challenges of farm digitalization. Our conversation leads us to CENGN’s role in fostering Canada’s smart agriculture and addressing some of the challenges. We also discuss some of the specific smart agriculture start-ups they helped cultivate.


Our guest is Kirby Koster, Senior Manager of the Broadband Program at CENGN.

Kirby has extensive telecommunications sector experience championing network management, data networking, optoelectronics and wireless systems, and more. He leads CENGN’s rural residential broadband program, bringing high-speed Internet to Ontario’s rural and northern communities. His past work on farms and at a farming equipment distributor makes him all the more fitting also to lead CENGN’s Smart Agriculture Infrastructure project - fostering the adoption of digital technologies in Canadian agriculture through the CENGN Smart Greenhouse Living Lab.

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