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Audi takes steps in traffic optimization

  • 1.  Audi takes steps in traffic optimization

    Posted 22 days ago
    Edited by Khaled Rezgui 18 days ago

    In recent years, the automobile industry has seen many of changes that make driving easier like automatic braking, dead angle lights, and even partially self-driving cars. The German car manufacturer, Audi, had an interesting idea I was able to learn about. The company created a new feature for their cars that will most likely find its way onto competitors' to-do lists, since it concerns a feeling, every driver has experienced at least once. That idea is the Audi online traffic light system.



    Everybody has enjoyed at least once the feeling of passing through all green traffic light signals on your way to your destination. This is the feature offered by Audi to all their consumers, the digital computer shows you the optimal speed (as long as you are following your route) to hit all the green lights. Additionally, it displays a countdown before the light turns red, so no need to accelerate to be sure of making it in time. If you are driving an Audi, you know for sure if you can get through. The advantage of such tech is that it saves gas which reduces car emissions when used correctly. Although this may seem outdated, especially with the transition towards electric cars, the tech will definitely stay and get into the smart AI systems of self-driving cars in order for the AI to be optimal.



    The important factors for the adoption of such developments, are smart cities, their present infrastructure and, of course, their compatibility with the Audi V2X Communication system. Currently, only some big cities in the USA, Canada and Europe have the necessary infrastructure for the technology to be used at its maximum potential.


    For example, here is what Audi map looks like in Vegas at the moment:

    All the dots present the traffic lights intersections that are connected, and since Audi is a unique pick for the public, this German manufacturer will only establish such a system at places where their main sales market is. Yet, for most users, the idea of such technology making it mainstream and available to every driver can change the way we drive on the roads.


    Here is the link to the article:

    As well as where the image was taken:


    As long as you follow your route. 

    "If you are driving an Audi, you know for sure if you can get through"

    Khaled Rezgui
    AIoT Canada
    Laval QC