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Digital Healthcare in UK is experiencing rapid growth due to IoT

  • 1.  Digital Healthcare in UK is experiencing rapid growth due to IoT

    Posted 29 days ago
    According to IoT Tech News and their article, by 2024-25, the UK healthcare spending is expected to increase by 13% compared to the years 2021-22. The constant rise of healthcare demand will result in just 39% of total public day to day services budget. For a comparison, in 2009-10, the day to day public service budget for healthcare was around 29%. As such, this sector will live through many challenges in the near future, opening up opportunities for evolutionary projects & products such as IoT objects 

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    For example, conventional monitoring where the patient comes regularly for checkups can burden both the system providers and the clients which is why virtual telecare can help decrease the surcharge of the hospitals & clinics. The success of solution providers in telecom companies depends greatly on the patients device connectivity,  accuracy and ease of use. In order to truly evolve such technology, a doctor would want to be able to get for example blood pressure, pulse rates, temperature, even glucose levels and react accordingly and in advance. The potential for companies is enormous since most of the Western system of Healthcare evolved around reacting to a problem in a patient. New Technology Innovation may make a system pro-active which will be a immense change for the healthcare system and for the patients experience. Now, he could be proposed changes to avoid complications and all that, from the confort of his home. 

    Certainly, such technology will be faced with many challenges to be fully adopted. First, the Digital switch will not happen in one day, and it will be faced with many challenges along the way, creating opportunities for the solution providers. Second challenge, the patients trust toward not only technology but such format. Yet, although there may be challenges along the way, such opportunities won't stay untouched. 

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    Roman Semeniuc
    AIoT Canada
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