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Great news for AI and IoT chips development

  • 1.  Great news for AI and IoT chips development

    Posted 10 days ago
    Edited by Khaled Rezgui 10 days ago

    An article published by DesignNews shows a report on which engineers are confident on the fact that factors that were blocking them in the AI and IoT chip development system will not be an issue in the upcoming future. "Survey respondents confident cost and technical issues will be overcome as more on-chip processors emerge for AI-compatible applications." explain Spencer Chin.

    The cost issue has always been a problem in the tech world, but when it includes AI or IoT, this problem increases due to its complexity to implement. Then you may ask why would those engineers think that the cost and technical factor will be less of an issue? The answer is that when AI and IoT come together, many opportunities to optimize the chips development come along. 

    This means we will probably be facing the use of low-cost products and less technical problems as the artificial intelligence can optimize its own development.

    Khaled Rezgui
    AIoT Canada
    Laval QC