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 Looking for Sponsor - Postgraduate Capstone IoT-Based Smart Building Project

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Mohammed Abubaker posted 10-13-2022 02:32

We are postgraduate students at Centennial College (Internet of Things program). We are looking for a sponsor for our capstone IoT-based Smart Building project.
The sponsor does not necessarily need to support us financially. We are looking more for mentorship, a company that works in the same field and can guide us to complete our project successfully.

The project deadline is December 2022.

 Here are the main features and technology used in the project. 

  • Weather Application (Temperature, Humidity, Air quality). 
  • Lighting Control. 
  • Security (camera & motion detection, door access control, fire alarm system). 
  • Smart Parking. 
  • Occupancy Tracking. 
  • Dashboard.
  • AWS for cloud computing.
  • Machine learning and Deep Learning for object detection.
  • Raspberry Pi 4 and Python for programming language

Please let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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Member / Membre Jeffrey Dungen Best Answer
Hi Mohammed,

You might be interested to use the open source Pareto Anywhere middleware that we develop at reelyActive to meet a good number of your objectives:

If that seems like an interesting fit, shoot me a message and we'd be happy to provide mentorship and co-produce a case study of your project for visibility.  All the best with your capstone project!
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FOUNDER Rene Breyel
If you are looking for guidance only, can your sponsor take the form of a group of companies (like a mini Board)?
AIoT could link you to different members in the Smart Building Market so you can develop and document the real Use Case you are working on.
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Mohammed Abubaker
Update ...

We have successfully completed our IoT Smart Building Capstone Project. Yaaay!!
My colleague Pok and I would like to thank The AIoT Canada organization for their support and for helping us to find a sponsor for our project. Thank you so much!

This work would not be possible without the technical support of our project sponsor, Jeffrey Dungen (reelyActive), who work actively to provide us with technical advice and equipment to archive the goals.

Here is a brief about the solution:

1- Environment Control: here, we used Pareto Anywhere middleware to collect the temperature and humidity sensor data and send it to the dashboard (ThingsBoard). The software is easy to install on Raspberry pi; all we had to do was follow up the instructions on this page. also, it's compatible with Node-Red thru a pre-configured pareto-anywhere-socketio node, but because we already used Thingsboard as our main dashboard, we forwarded the data from Node-Red to Thingsboard using JSON and HTTP Request node.

2- Smart Parking and Number Plate Recognition System: We built an AI model using Yolov5, torch and TensorFlow to detect and recognize the number plate.
3- Lighting Control:  Allows the users to control the lights from anywhere.
4- Security Camera: We built an AI model to detect People only and send SMS notifications to the user in case of any intrusion is detected.
5- Occupancy Tracking: here, we used the security camera AI model to identify the number of people in the room at any time.
6- Fire Alarm system: we used a flame sensor to detect the fire and send an SMS notification to the user.

Future Work:
We will continue working with Pareto Anywhere middleware and try to build a full HVAC IoT control system.

Finally: this was our first step in the IoT world and would like to improve our work, we are open to any suggestions/recommendations that could help us to be better.

Dashboard screenshot attached.