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Dr. Suvojit Ghosh, Founder & CEO, FYELABS

Founder of FYELABS, the first product development firm purpose-built for startups and founders, I am credited with developing a pioneering model for lean product development. The model, developed during my stint at McMaster University, won me the President's Award, the university's highest honour.

I have led the development of over 90 products spanning digital technologies, life sciences, materials, and smart systems. My entrepreneurial journey began when I founded NanoSpin during my PhD studies at Virginia Tech, winning me the prestigious $100K VT KnowledgeWorks award. Later, I was part of the founding team at Cinnos, and headed its R&D operations. I have a track record in fundraising, yielding over $10M from private and public sources thus far.

I have a PhD in Engineering Mechanics from Virginia Tech, and a BE in Mechanical Engineering from Jadavpur University. I am also an alumnus of the NSF I-Corp program and the Creative Destruction Lab.