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 Can you help a member of AIoT by testing new services for reliable computer vision

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Community Ambassador Jason Behrmann posted 08-10-2022 14:21
Hello members of AIoT Canada,
Our member company, Zetane, recently launched a new service to test the reliability of computer vision in the real world and identify weaknesses in the technology prior to deployment--it's called Protector. This service is ideal for AIoT applications that employ computer/machine vision.

Since the service is new, we want to test that it works best for computer vision experts in the IoT sector. I ask if you can test the service by a video-conference call, where I watch you set up a project and ask you basic questions. It should take about 30 minutes and we are happy to offer you free access to the services to compensate you for your time.

If interested, please schedule a time for the test using this link (we can do this after work hours or the weekend, if you like): 60 min, 30 min, and 15 min meeting

What to expect
  • I will ask you basic questions to assess if the information we provide is easy to understand;
  • I will observe you set up a basic project on the platform to see if there are steps that are difficult or unclear;
  • I will ask your opinion concerning the test results and analytics--are they helpful and how can we improve them?
What you need
  • A typical computer vision project for image classification: image dataset and related trained model (Keras, PyTorch, TensorFlow, ONNX). You will need to upload both to our testing platform.
Thank you for your consideration and wishing you success with your AIoT projects!
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Member / Membre Aladin Gaston
Hello / Bonjour Jason Behrmann

Your link to the "protector" seems to be non-functional, we work with the Canadian public safety sector under the Canadian national secrecy act and your product could be very interesting. If you correct the link we could discuss the questions you are interested in.
Votre lien vers le "protecteur" semble non fonctionnel, nous travaillons avec le secteur canadien de la sécurité publique en vertu de la loi canadienne sur le secret national et votre produit pourrait être très intéressant. Si vous corrigez le lien, nous pourrons discuter des questions qui vous intéressent.