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Based in Laval Quebec Canada 

Currently executing Missions for AIOT Canada to provide a pan Canadian Virtual Incubator. excubator for AIoT startups

Currently, CTO for Flex Group (, established in Laval for 20 years, is the largest Canadian supplier of eSIM and SIM cards (over 400 Million) with remote activation of 7 Billion devices using the tools and platform developed by Flex.
The company directs clients including over 30 telecoms operators in western and north Africa. With multiple engineering and sales offices supporting the operations.
Promoting AIot and mobile Canadian solutions abroad and offering access to the market to AIoT Canada members. 

Current leading-edge solutions promoted:

5G Multi-core public safety SIM and eSIM
Public Safety 5G live video broadcast solution FlexLatitude
Public Safety and Military multi-biometric SIM card
FloLive 5G solutions for MVNO and IoT
LoraWan cloud based solutions with X-telia
QoS solutions for mobile operator
Enrollment platform and identity validation platform for telcos
Flex Medic M-IOT solutions
PSBN multi EMSI QoS SIM Cards
LTE based body worn camera and supporting platform
AI base malware protection

Academia partnership with over 18 Ph.D. and Masters students for M-IoT, AIoT and Smart city applications, and Mobile communications security. école polytechnique de Montreal, l'UQAM, ETS 5G research Lab. AI, 5G, Quantum and post quantum security, Blockchains and biometric security.

VideoLAtitude Canada
CTO and VP of engineering

Public safety solution for investigation, border security, VIP protection, Swat team; Currently in use in multiple country under the national secrecy act

Live synchronise audio broadcast
Live video Broadcast from 6 KB/s to 5G over IP radio network
Live telemetry
Live radar monitoring and aiming
Live GPS positioning
Support of any type of cameras, with Milestone and Genetec VMS Support.
4096 bit application base encryption with rotating keys

GPS-Latitude Ibc
VP Engineering
AI-based navigation, using dead reckoning to process calculation of positioning, with leading-edge compression and encryption for cellular transmission

MicroSlate inc Brossard QC

Directeur engineering, Directeur special project, Manager of the US-based operations in Armonk NY and Tampa FL, Technical auditing of acquisition.

Design of the first tablet computer
Design of the first military spec computer tablet
Design and certification of the first Cyrix based 486 processor computer
Design and certification of the first military-grade Ericsson Mobidem radio integrated computer deployed by congas (3000 Units)
Design of the public safety platform rugged computer use CPD, with over 15000 units deployed with built in Motorola radio modem
Design and production of the 70000 Verizon StrongARM based portable touch screen computers with radio and GSP use by technicians.

Comterm Canada

Director distribuions center, Head of QC and service for the PC platform, Network solutions. Largest supplier of multilingual PC for Canadian and Quebec Gov,

Max school computer 15000 units
First network deployment for the Canadian parlement
Exclusive supplier of PC for Hydro Quebec during 3 years

JYL Logics

Director of engineering, design of multilingual PC, the largest supplier of PC to the Quebec government

Atari Sunnyvale Cal.
Project lead

Under Linda S. Gordon VP special projects, Video-chip "ANTIC" silicone module pour le support du standard SECAM
Responsible for the computer university project abroad.

Honeywell Bull and Club Med

Leading field director American zone, a computer base brainstorm of 3M guest, resulting in 54 patents and an exposition at centre Beaubourg (Centre national d'art et de culture Georges-Pompidou)

ATARI and Palais de la découverte
Intern programmer and robotic design

Under the leadership of Seymour Papert (co-founded the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), the port of the Logo language interpreter to 6502 processor, design of a prototype "Turtle" robotic.

Intern Engineering

Electonic and software on Exocet inertial guidance and switch over to active radar homing. Optimization and miniaturization of the electronic and use of microcontroller.

Apple France
Engineering Project

Design of the software and hardware for the first SECAM video card with RF modulators for Apple II